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2019 New Year Newtrition Challenge

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Hey everyone! It’s a new year and we’re excited to be offering YOU the opportunity to build proper nutrition habits. We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Thrivenrise to bring you the New Year Newtrition Challenge and trust me, you DON’T want to be the one that missed out on this opportunity.

Thrivenrise is a diverse team of nutrition, fitness, and mindset coaches who specialize in helping determined exercisers and athletes achieve lasting results by building a solid foundation of skills and habits that last a lifetime. They, like us, believe that health and fitness should enhance your life, not control it. There is never a one-size-fits-all approach to health and fitness. If it doesn’t last, it doesn’t work.

One of our goals here at 2024 in the new year is to help you grow in your education about everything related to health and fitness. This is the foundation. Without proper nutrition habits, you will constantly be fighting an uphill battle toward your goals. BUT with this awesome opportunity in front of you, you will learn new habits and easy hacks that will skyrocket your fitness results, health markers, and your energy. So…here’s the deal…

Registration closes on the 16th and once it’s closed, it’s closed for good. The reason this is important is because the SOONER you get signed up, the more time you will have to track your baseline and get working on your starting packet. In turn, this will allow the coaches to have a more detailed understanding of your habits, goals, and current state as we develop the correct program for YOUR specific needs.

BONUS: Turns out Thrivenrise is not only super knowledgable, but also super rad, and depending on the amount of athletes that sign up, 2024 is going to be able to get some new equipment for the gym paid for by Thrivenrise. How awesome is that?

SO, get signed up ASAP so we can provide you with the best possible nutrition plan that will help you boost your new year in the right direction. Also invite your friends, family, or coworkers. For new athletes we will be offering a more scaled down workout time that takes away all the intimidation that can come with CrossFit and gets them moving in the right direction.

Quit Guessing,
Start Progressing.

The problem isn’t finding the “perfect diet” – you’ve tried that.

It isn’t about beating yourself up every time you fall off the wagon – you’ve tried that too.

It’s time to learn the proven strategies that elite athletes and master trainers have developed over decades of trial and error. We distill down what works, cut out the fluff, and give you a simple system to radically change your body and mind, forever.

Join the 6-week Challenge and you’ll get: 

  •  The comprehensive 6-part lesson series to teach you the fundamentals of nutriton
  •  Personalization Playbook to tailor the program to your needs
  •  Access to support and community in a private Facebook group
  •  Weekly Q&A with the coaches

Click the link below to reserve your spot now!!!