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2019 Summer Oly Lifting Workshop

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We are excited to FINALLY announce the details of our Summer Oly Lifting Workshop we’ve been telling y’all about for the past few months!

We will be hosting a 3-week Olympic Lifting Workshop starting Saturday July 6th with one of our nation’s best weightlifters, Tiffiny Wohlers! It doesn’t matter where you are in your progress as a lifter, you will benefit from this workshop and Tiffiny’s coaching. The workshop schedule is below. Each Session will be from 9:30am-11am. 

{Week 1: Snatch} Saturday July 6th
{Week 2: Clean & Jerk Part 1} Saturday July 13th
{Week 3: Clean & Jerk Part 2) Saturday July 20th 

For those who don’t know who she is, Tiffiny has an incredible athletic background. She’s a former cheerleader who turned into a competitive powerlifter and then into an Olympic weightlifting powerhouse! Tiffiny recently won the American Open Series 1 (1st Place 76kg & Best Female Lifter) and placed 5th at the USAW National Championships. Tiffiny is on a roll and has her eyes set on American records and making the 2024 Olympic Team! 

Just for fun, here are some of her best numbers & stats!
Squat = 405 lbs
Deadlift = 475 lbs
Bench = 230 lbs
Snatch = 220 lbs
Clean & Jerk = 264 lbs 

Needless to say, we’re incredibly excited to have someone of her caliber at our box. You won’t get this kind of coaching opportunity everyday (or cheap for that matter) so we sincerely hope everyone takes advantage! Tiffiny resides full time in Wasilla, Alaska, but is temporarily training with her coach here in Austin for the summer in between training with the USA Olympic Weightlifting team. 

What’s the cost of this workshop? The workshop will be 3 weeks long and will be $50 per session. If you attend one session, it will be $50. If you attend two sessions, it will be $100. If you purchase a spot for all 3 weeks, you will get a 20% savings and the total will be $120 for all 3 weeks. If you have questions or would like a coaches help getting registered, feel free to reach out to us. The cost of the workshop will cover the cost of hosting Tiff, which honestly with her background is a steal! 

Since there are limited spots available, all sales will be final and we won’t be able to refund anyone if a conflict arises after you’ve reserved your spot so be sure to mark those calendars!

Don’t miss this awesome opportunity! Attendance for this clinic will be limited to 16 athletes. From June 23rd to June 30th we are offering this exclusively to our beloved box members to give them first dibs on spots! However, starting July 1st we will be opening up the invite to all the general public. So be sure to get registered ASAP and let’s become better together. Love you guys!

CrossFit 2024 Staff