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2024 Committed Club

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Welcome to the 2019 Committed Club!

What is the Committed Club?

The Committed Club is an attendance challenge that will reward you for staying dedicated to your goals.  To be a part of this club is an honor and shows the rest of the world your dedication to your goals and well being. Not only is the committed club going to help you achieve fantastic results and changes but it is going to give us an opportunity to recognize you and provide you with some awesome prizes! 

How do I show my commitment?

If you want to be a part of the committed club you will need to attend AND sign up for classes through Pike 13 a minimum of 15 times in the month. 

Prizes! Wahoo!

  • Each month we will recognize you on our website and social media platforms
  • Each month you will be entered into a raffle to win $50 toward membership or program offerings
  • Quarterly (if you make it 3 months in a row) you will be entered into a raffle for two $50 credits
  • Yearly – If you are part of the committed club for 12 months  in a row you will receive a limited edition “Committed Club” 2024 shirt that you can strut around AND you will be entered into a raffle for $200 toward membership or program offerings. 



What if I forget to sign up? You MUST sign in for classes to earn credit for your attendance. If for some reason you cannot sign in, make sure to see a coach upon entering class.

What is a quarter? A quarter is a period of 3 months. Quarters are broken up as follows: Q1: Jan-Mar Q2: Apr-Jun Q3: Jul-Sept.          Q4: Oct-Dec. To be entered into the quarterly raffle, you must be part of the club each month of that corresponding quarter.

If I come more than 15 times in a month? While we absolutely LOVE that you are so dedicated, you will not receive any extra credit toward the committed club. Signing up 15 times or 75 times are equally fantastic!