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When it comes to coaching, well-rounded experience counts. Our trainers come from extensive backgrounds that include collegiate-level coaching, competition, military training, and of course, CrossFit. You bring your goals, and these coaches will use everything in their arsenal to help you make them happen.

  • Jared Munday

    Head Coach/Owner

    Head Coach/Owner Jared Munday has been a personal trainer and bootcamp instructor for the past 11 years. He found his love for working out in the Navy in 2006. “As my body started changing, people began asking what I was doing, so I decided to help people get in better shape for their fitness testing and started my time as a personal trainer,” he says.

    His exercise career expanded into bodybuilding and physique shows. But tired of the unhealthy mindset of constantly being worried about what he looked like, Jared started looking for something else and found CrossFit. “I have a much more healthy outlook on working out now and am excited to share my experiences with others and help them join our awesome community of fitness and friendship,” he says. “I believe that a person’s mindset is the key to achieving their dreams.”


    • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
    • CrossFit Gymnastics
    • CrossFit Spot the Flaw Course
    • CrossFit Scaling Course
    • CrossFit Judges Course
    • Certified Personal Trainer
    • Faith Rxd Austin Chapter Director
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Sport Science/Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Jamie Gunthorp


    Coach Jamie Gunthorp specializes in teaching the fundamentals and “being bubbly.” She grew up playing lots of different sports, including more than 20 years of soccer. She played soccer at the University of the Incarnate Word, where she was a four-year starter and still holds a top 10 position for overall career points. She also coached women’s soccer at the collegiate and club level for many years.

    After her competitive soccer career ended due to injury shortly after college, her friends encouraged her to join CrossFit. “CrossFit provided an awesome atmosphere where there was a supportive community encouraging others, of all age levels and abilities, to work hard and grow,” she says. “I loved that despite my lingering injuries, I could still scale my workout, work hard and make gains without injuring myself while being around a team. I wanted to get my CFL1 to bring together my loves of CrossFit and coaching.”


    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    • CrossFit Judges Course
    • Faith Rxd Austin Chapter Outreach Coordinator
    • Bachelor of Business Administration with a Concentration in Sports Management
  • Joe Sagrilla


    Coach Joe Sagrilla started his CrossFit journey in the fall of 2015 by joining his local CrossFit gym in Cleveland, before later moving to Austin. He experienced substantial benefits from doing CrossFit, including relief from chronic low back pain caused by a degenerative disc (an issue that conventional medicine has failed to resolve).

    In the summer of 2017, Joe became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer so that he could help others achieve their fitness goals. “I’m deeply passionate about sharing the CrossFit training and nutrition methodology to help people enjoy a better quality of life and fight the chronic disease epidemic,” Joe says. He added, “I really love helping people from all walks of life progress toward their fitness goals. I truly believe, as CrossFit founder Greg Glassman said, ‘CrossFit isn’t for everybody, but it is for anybody.'”


    • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
    • CrossFit Judges Course
    • Bachelors in Science in Business
    • Master of Business Administration


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