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April Athlete of the Month – Theresa

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Let’s hear it for this month’s athlete of the month…. Theresa!

Theresa has been with us now for 3 months and has been such an awesome addition to our family! By day she’s a nurse, by night a CrossFitter 😀 Week by week she’s growing in her practice and getting stronger! Theresa is always accompanied with her great attitude, coachable spirit and ready to have a lot of fun! We love having Theresa in the family and can’t wait to see all of the bright things ahead for her in 2018! Keep up the great work “Schmidty”!

Here’s a few fun facts about Theresa:

Q: How long have you been doing CrossFit?
A: I tried it out last summer but have only been doing it regularly for a couple months!

Q: Why did you start CrossFit and originally join 2024?
A: I like how CrossFit is a daily challenge that’s different every day and gets me out of my comfort zone. I was referred to 2024 by a friend/member (shout out Jamie Esker) who kept telling me awesome things about the community and atmosphere.

Q: Favorite movement in CrossFit?
A: In general right now I really like doing the benchmark workouts so I can see where I’m at starting out.

Q: What are your long term goals?
A: Just to focus on having a good work/life balance and being consistent and always improving.

Q: Biggest accomplishments since joining 2024.
A: Doing the Open and seeing myself gradually improve and get stronger.

Q: What’s one hidden talent you have or interesting fact about you?
A: My hidden talent might be jigsaw puzzles. Once I get started on one it’s hard to stop.

Q: Favorite movie or favorite cheat meal?
A: Favorite cheat meal is probably either a spicy chicken deluxe with waffle fries from Chick-fil-A or a massive amount of froyo with all the sugary toppings

Q: Tell us of a time you laughed so hard you cried
A: Those you-had-to-be-there moments when people do something awkward

Q: Favorite joke?
A: I love the daily jokes on the El Arroyo sign. The other day it said- What does CS Lewis keep in the back of his closet? Narnia business!

Q: What’s one item on your bucket list?
A: Backpack through a slot canyon!