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4-20-18 WOD

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You may be able to tell a pattern this week of alternating between endurance days and strength/skill days and now we have one more endurance day to take a load of from this weeks heavier days. We will start with a cardio intensive workout followed by just a quick odd object carrying workout to work our grip, core, and stability. Enjoy!


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Today we do a workout in honor of those who lost their lives in the Boston Marathon bombings of 2013. Today in Boston, thousands of people will participate in one of the most well known marathons in the US. We will complete a marathon WOD of our own. Take your time, find a steady pace, and keep moving. You got this!

4-13-18 WOD

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It’s been a tough week and we are all really sore so today we are going to focus on some accessory work and endurance. We will start with 3 accessory movements followed by 4 rounds of a 400 meter run. Go easy today and just get some work in. Sometimes easier days are necessary for recovery.