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Going back to one of my favorite main site workouts from February 2016. Instead of dumbbells we will use a barbell today.


3 Rounds for time:

Minutes 0-2

Run 400 meters/complete as many double unders as possible

Minute 2-3


Minute 3-4

Hang Cleans

Minute 4-5

Push Press



Go hard! The rest shouldn’t feel like a long time if you push yourself

WOD 5-15-17

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Hope everyone had a great relaxing weekend! I’m excited to get back into the gym and continue our pursuit toward fitness and health!


Establish a 1RM back squat

*Form is priority today. Don’t go so heavy to where you break down in technique*




Calories on Rower

Wall Balls




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Great job to everyone who came out yesterday! That clean workout was fun and challenging. Keep working on those double unders and remember to always put technique before speed. Everyone looked great.

Today we are keeping it simple. Buy in/out with a run and throw in some basic moves in the middle.  If pull-ups aren’t feeling great today we will have the trx setup for rows but do what you can with the pull-ups.



Run 200 meters


21 hand release push-ups

15 pull-ups

15 hand release push-ups

9 pull-ups

9 hand release push-ups

3 pull-ups


Run 200 meters




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Today we participate in one of the more grueling cardiovascular tests, the 2000 meter row for time. Hold nothing back here, find a fast pace that you can keep and give it your all. We will revisit this test in the near future to make sure your endurance and mental toughness have improved.

After a short break we will spend some time practicing the power clean and squat clean.

WOD:  testing day


2k row for time

Skill work:

Cleans – power clean, squat clean


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pizza game

hungry hippos

Partner WOD:

10 rounds for time:

1 partner- Dumpster run

1 partner- max reps sit-ups / max reps kettlebell swings


For the first 5 rounds, one partner will run about 100 meters while the other partner does as many sit-ups as possible. For the following 5 rounds, instead of sit-ups, athletes will complete kettlebell swings.