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COMPETE 3.0 Complete

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We want to give a very special shout out to our 3rd graduating class of 2024 COMPETE! COMPETE is for those athletes interested in competing in the sport of fitness. They learn advanced tactics and tips to take to the competition floor. This class specifically pushes individuals to their limit, helps expand those limits, and gets the athlete competition ready. We offer an ongoing COMPETE track to every 2024 athlete year round, however this 6 week intensive course bumps up the intensity, training, knowledge, skill, strength and camaraderie big time! A big heartbeat of ours is to help each of our athlete reach their goals, no matter how small or large. We LOVE being a part of others lives and are incredibly blessed to get to do what we do! Congratulations graduates! Fantastic job and we can’t wait to see you crush it on the competition floor!

COMPETE Graduates:
Erik Davidson
Etienne Paris
Shasti Vishak
Courtney Hale
Theresa Schmidt
Edward Flores
Casey Ross – not pictured
Kyle Mabie – not pictured