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February 2022 Athlete of the Month- Melissa

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Let’s hear it for our February AOTM…. Melissa!!!

Mel jump started her CrossFit journey back in 2019 and has been kicking butt ever since! She is a great athlete and always works so hard to reach her goals! Mel loves working out with her boyfriend, David (pictured above) in their color matching gear!  

Coach Jamie told us, “Mel has been such a blessing to this box family. We have so enjoyed getting to do life with her for the last 3 years. She sets intention for her goals and schedule, making sure she reaches where she wants to get! She is a great example of perseverance through the highs and lows of life. I also love her fashion (usually sporting her favorite 80’s track jacket or all black outfit)and that she’s my one athlete whose thumbs can’t fit around the bar because she’s so teeny tiny adorable!” 

We love having you in our 2024 family Mel and we can’t wait to see all the wonderful gains in store for you! Keep it up!

Here are some fun facts about our wonderful Melissa:

Q: How long have you been doing CrossFit?

A: I have going to CrossFit on and off since 2019. 

Q: Why did you originally hop on the CrossFit Express?

A: Honestly, I saw I could try it out for a month on Groupon. I was only planning on going for that month, but Coach Jamie asked me what membership I wanted to continue with after my month was over + we got my card on file. I figured there was no going back after that 😅

Q: What motivates you to keep going and working hard?

A: Seeing myself accomplish new goals motivates me to keep working hard. I am eager to get to the days where I can finally do a skill I was not able to do before and know that I put in the work. 

Q: What’s your favorite movements in CrossFit?

A: My favorite movements in CrossFit are when I finally get a new skill and realize that consistency really is key in everything we do. (like my first pull up 🤪)

Q: What are your long term goals (in fitness or in life)?

A: My long term fitness goal is to be able to lift as much as David. 

Q: What’s your biggest accomplishment since joining 2024?

A: My biggest accomplishment so far would be being able to do 3 strict pull ups now(sometimes 5😜). It’s not much but when I started I couldn’t even do one.

Q: Who is someone that inspires you at the box and why?

A: I’m inspired by my coaches, Jamie and Jared. They push me to be better and I love how they both genuinely want to see everyone at the box be more successful with their fitness goals.

Q: What’s one hidden talent you have or interesting fact about you?

A: I have biked around an entire island before. (Gili Trawangan)

Q: Favorite movie?

A: My favorite movie is crazy, stupid, love. 

Q: Favorite coffee/lunch/dinner spot in ATX?

A: Cenote for sure! They have amazing brunch!

Q: What’s one item on your bucket list?

A: To live in another country for a year! (New Zealand to be specific)

Q: Favorite Cheat Meal?

A: Pizza and bread sticks! any kind of bread really. 

Q: What are you looking forward to the most going into 2022?

A: To actually start logging my workouts on the app🤪 

Q: What’s something you’d say to someone considering joining CrossFit for the first time?

A: I would say to just try it once and decide for yourself if it is something you like. People will have many opinions about CrossFit so you won’t really know if it’s for you till you try it yourself!