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February Athlete of the Month – Dan

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This month’s athlete of the month is Dan “the man”!

Dan has been working extremely hard the last few months and we love his dedication to crushing his weaknesses and making improvements. When he first joined us, Dan was hardly able to kick off the ground, let alone do a handstand. After just a couple weeks of dedication and consistency, Dan now has no problem getting up into a handstand and is working on his handstand pushups.

We love having Dan in the family and can’t wait to see all of the bright things in store for him ahead! Keep up the great work Dan!

We asked Dan some fun questions:

Q: Favorite Food?
A: Salmon

Q: Tell us about an embarrassing moment
A: I ripped a huge hole in the back of my jeans while dancing

Q: Why do you CrossFit?
A: To fight depression and keep that natural high!

Q: One goal for 2018?
A: I want to join a band and play a gig

Q: If you could be any animal what would it be?
A: A hawk

Q: One accomplishment you’re proud of?
A: Making those handstands look easy peasy!

Q: Who is your celebrity crush?
A: Christina Aguilera

Q: Favorite musician or band of all time?
A: Phish