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January Athlete of the Month – Adelle

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It’s a New Year & that means its time to celebrate our first Athlete of the Month for 2019! Wahoo! Without further delay, let’s hear it for Adelle everyone!

Adelle has truly been such a wonderful addition to our box family and has with us now for about 3 months. She always arrives early and comes ready to work! Adelle has an incredible grit and determination that not only inspires our staff, but our community as well! Our community truly LOVES having her in class with them! She  is a ray of sunshine who uplifts those around her often and we LOVE LOVE LOVE when we get to hear her say, “Awesome Sauce!” Each week we see her not only getting stronger, healthier, fitter & growing in her CrossFit practice but getting closer to her personal goals. Wonderful work Adelle, keep it up! Your determination and drive will take you above and beyond! We believe in you and sure do love you!

Here are some fun facts about Adelle:

Q: How long have you been doing CrossFit?
A: On and off since 2013. I must admit though, I haven’t always been committed in my journey. I had an encouraging and inspiring experience in October 2018 and that has helped re-jumpstart my CrossFit practice.

Q: Why did you originally hop on the CrossFit Express?
A: Fitness & support!

Q: What’s your favorite movement in CrossFit?
A: WallBalls. I love lifting too – I love the challenge and thought of being strong. 

Q: What are your long term goals?
A: To be lean, strong and have those gorgeous muscles ?

Q: Biggest accomplishments since joining 2024
A: I started to have and feel the FUN of being present and being in a group setting.

Q: What’s one hidden talent you have or interesting fact about you?
A: I have an excellent taste buds

Q: Favorite coffee/lunch/dinner spot in ATX?
A: Picnik Austin. 

Q: What’s one item on your bucket list?
A:  Be able to Squat like a Pro

Q: What are you looking forward to most in 2019?
A: To see myself in the mirror and say: “Not Bad At All Adelle. You are One Strong, Lean and Gorgeous 60-yr old lady. Not Bad At All!”