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March and Quarter 1 Committed Club Winners

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Our March raffle winner is….drumroll please…..

Renee Logan!

Renee, you just won $50 towards next months membership!

But wait….there’s more! We also have our raffle for our Quarter 1 Committed Club winner! This awesome athlete has made the committed club for all 3 months of the first quarter! So let’s keep that drumroll going!

And the winner is…….

Grace Hartman!

Grace, you just won yourself $100 toward next month’s membership! Keep up the awesome work!

Also congratulations to the 14 people who made the March 2024 Committed Club! Your hard work and dedication have shown that you are committed to your fitness and have taken the first step toward those goals! Each day you show up pushes you one step closer to becoming the person you want to be.

Here is the list of athletes who made the cut for March.

*Q next to name means athlete also made the Quarterly Committed Club.

You made it!

Michael Cardozo

Gracie Hartman (Q)

Brandon Comisarenco (Q)

Yazmine Rivera

Renee Logan (Q)

Meghan Shea

Alvaro Carriera

Theresa Schmidt

Shasti Umashankar

Marc Cavazos

Kristen Torres

Courtney Rhodes

Erik Davidson

Casey Ross