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Programming is one of the most talked about subjects in the CrossFit community.  We often have athletes asking questions like, “What strength program should I follow? How often should I do cardio? Should I do this program from instagram athlete ‘so and so’?” Oh and of course my favorite, “What’s Rich doing?”

While all of these are legit questions, they oftentimes are the wrong questions. Here at CrossFit 2024 we believe that CrossFit’s prescription for General Physical Preparedness is the ideal way to reach your ultimate fitness. We believe that mechanics, consistency, then intensity are the perfect steps (in order) to obtain the best capacity across all modalities of fitness. Unfortunately over the years, I have seen many gyms move to a typical strength biased program. This means that they perform a strength piece followed by a typical 12-15 minute metcon WOD. While this isn’t necessarily “wrong” we believe that this is a less than ideal approach to fitness and many of the top coaches agree with us. Coaches like Ben Bergeron, Jason Khalipa, Rich Froning, Chris Spealler, and Pat Barber all agree that the ideal program for 99% of athletes is not a strength biased one, but is instead, a program that focuses on a single daily WOD performed at high intensity. So who needs these strength biased programs? Simple. Powerlifters, Olympic weightlifters, and higher level CrossFit competitors.

So what does all of this mean for 2024? This means that we always have, and always will, follow an even spectrum of weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardiovascular work. We believe in varying each days workouts in reps, time domain, weight, how many exercises we use, the scheme (amrap vs for time vs heavy day), and in any other modality that can be thought up.  We don’t want you to do a 12 minute workout every day. We want workouts that last anywhere from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. Workouts that include extremely heavy weights and workouts that include no weight. I could go on and on. The point is, this is how true fitness is found.

After 9 years of writing programming for groups of athlete’s I have learned a tremendous amount of what works and what doesn’t (mostly through trial and error). While I love to program for CrossFit, I have found that it takes a huge amount of time that I don’t have while owning a business. I have tested many different programs including Comptrain,, CrossFit Mayhem, and a variety of others but feel that I have finally stumbled upon a program that fits all of our needs. We are happy to announce that CrossFit 2024 is now working with the CrossFit Linchpin programming team and Beyond the Whiteboard. CrossFit Linchpin is actually not a physical gym but a group of athletes headed by the one and only Pat Sherwood of CrossFit HQ that program for athletes and gyms around the world. If you don’t know who Pat is, you can see him often times with CrossFit media and the update show but more importantly he is part of the brains behind the programming for the CrossFit Games and From my extensive time and knowledge programming, I feel that Pat provides some of the best programming available and we are excited to have him work with us to get us in the best shape we have ever been in.

Now, while we are currently following Linchpin’s extraordinary GPP programming, we are still offering our COMPETE class for those who want to take their fitness to the competitive level. This class will teach you advanced skills and techniques not taught in daily classes as well as provide you extra volume in the strength and skill areas. We are also working on a plan to open a individual design program for those who want the extra work outside of class. This will allow you to receive programming from a coach that is tailored to your weaknesses and strengths. Please keep in mind that if you are not wanting to partake in competition, you will get all the strength, gymnastic work, health and of course fitness that you can ever ask for in our regular classes.

I hope that you are as excited as we are about this new programming  and we can’t wait to see where it takes us.

See y’all in class,

Jared Munday                                                                                                           CrossFit 2024