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Simple Nutrition Talk Recap

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Hey 2024 family! We just wanted to thank you for coming out to our simple nutrition talk last Saturday! Here is a quick recap of everything we talked about.

Paleo, zone, intermittent fasting, whole 30, iifym, keto, etc… Before trying one of these diets make sure to ask yourself “Is this something I can stick with for the remainder of my life, or am I just doing this to try to get a quick fix and lose some weight temporarily?” The problem with most of these diets is that they limit you on how to live your life and many times they are just another way to sell their books, products, or programs. Remember…a brownie is a brownie and ice cream is still ice cream regardless if its “paleo” or “keto”. Also, just because something fits into your numbers doesn’t mean it is healthy for you. Don’t fall for the trap of: a carb is a carb. This just isn’t true and the nutrition provided to the internal workings of your body is extremely important for health. Ultimately we seek health and fitness, not just some abs.

5 Pillars for Success

  1. Eat REAL food. What is real food? If you can kill it or grow it out of the earth it’s probably real food. If it comes in a box with a bar-code, it’s probably not real food. A simple way to tell is to simple look at the ingredients. If there is only 1, MAYBE 2 ingredients then it’s most likely a real food. If there is a long list of things you  can’t read then it was manufactured in a lab somewhere.
  2. Eat mostly VEGETABLES – Vegetables contain most of the nutrients that our bodies need to perform at a high level and provides us with the vitamins and minerals we need to stay healthy.
  3. Eat the CORRECT amounts – this one is tricky depending on your goals but to keep it simple we always start everyone out the same. Take a look at your hand. Eat a palm size portion of lean meats and carbs. For the carbohydrate make sure you’re eating those REAL foods discussed in step 2! Stick to things like potatoes, rice, and fruits. Eat a thumb size amount of healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, oils, and avocados. Lastly, fill up that plate with veggies. You can never eat enough of these.
  4. ALKALIZE –  This one is hard to summarize in a short paragraph but if you’re eating real foods and loading up on veggies (specifically greens) then you are probably doing a great job of alkalizing. Acid = fat and disease so lets make sure to eat LIVE foods such as plants and fats and try to limit our intake of processed foods and animals. Now if you’re like me, you probably won’t stop eating meat so just make sure that you have a big green salad with your steak or chicken and try to stick with the palm size portion. Lastly, when you wake up in the morning squeeze some lemon into your water to alkalize first thing and start the day off right.
  5. 80/20 Rule. Last but not least, remember to enjoy yourself once and a while. It is just not realistic for us to never go out to dinner and enjoy a slice of pizza or some dessert once and a while so make sure that you are eating clean, healthy, alkalizing foods 80% of the time (90 is even better) and then allow yourself to splurge a little the other 20%.

We wanted to introduce these simple steps into your life so that you can reach your full potential and not have to think too hard about your nutrition. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Leave the macro counting and the 3 month plans to the elite athletes and just get yourself on a healthy spiral upward. We want you to make the best choices you possibly can with your food but also once and a while enjoy a little treat because this will help you not feel as if you’re depriving yourself.

Lastly, go out there and EARN your meals and remember…

“80% of success in ANYTHING is psychology and the other 20% is mechanics.” – Tony Robbins