Success Stories


At CrossFit 2024, we’re in the business of changing lives through CrossFit here in Austin. So when we hear great member stories like these, we literally box jump for joy! We hope you’ll be our next success story.

  • Julianne Jenkerson

    If you’re looking for a solid workout in a positive environment, this place is for you! I have been working out with Jared for a few years now, and this new facility has been awesome.

    The place is clean, the equipment is new, the trainers are wonderful and encouraging, and the group that I work out with has become like family to me. I have met people who are both new to Crossfit and experienced, and the coaches always find a way to make their experience safe and challenging. I always leave with a smile on my face!

    This is a judgment free atmosphere that pushes you to work harder and go farther than you thought you could. I love learning new techniques, being pushed to do my best, and cheering on my friends while they work hard alongside me.

    I have made tremendous progress with my health and overall fitness since Crossfit 2024 has opened and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for both this gym and me! Crossfit 2024 is definitely my new “gymhome.” =]

  • Zachary Harris

    My experience with Crossfit 2024 and the coaches Jared and Jamie has left me not only 20 pounds leaner, but also 10x as athletic. Along the way they have scaled the workouts to my weaknesses (of which there are many), and taught me some of the nuances of difficult lifts.

    If you’re interested in starting your fitness journey, or looking to further it, this is the place

  • Kelsey Lyles

    I LOVE Crossfit 2024! I can’t say enough how working with Jared has changed my life for the better, not just temporarily but forever! He has taught me how to push myself in a way I never once believed I could while focusing on what’s important: proper form, technique, and eating well to fuel my body for best performance and results. He’s a great support mentally and I love his goal to help others achieve an overall healthy lifestyle for the long-term.

    Jamie is a truly wonderful coach! She loves every member of the gym and is the biggest encouragement to me! She makes it so fun to show up to work out every day! Her support for everyone is an inspiration as well as motivation to be that for others.

    Work-outs are engaging and fun, focused on your own progress with a little healthy competition built in! I highly recommend checking out our gym, you won’t regret joining a gym where everyone there rallies behind you and your goals.

  • Edward Flores

    On the outside looking in, Crossfit seemed very intimidating. But, after meeting with Jared & Jamie, I was sold. I just had to give it a shot. Safety & form is their top priority, and with their guidance I felt like I was getting the most out of every workout.

    One of my favorite things about Crossfit 2024 is the family like environment. Everyone in the class (coaches & clients) are genuinely invested in seeing everyone succeed. One month in, I’m hooked. Check it out!

  • Hailey Thompson

    My experience at CF 2024 has been so great!!! When I first moved to Austin I had no idea which gym to join but Jamie and Jared were so warm and welcoming and instantly made me feel a apart of the community. I think a strong community at a gym is so important for the overall happiness for every athlete. It feels like a family! Not just a number in class.

    I’ve learned so much about nutrition through our nutrition challenge and how to better fuel my body that I never knew anything about. Jared and Jamie really put in the effort to check in with everyone and to make sure they’re happy with their experience and to learn what their goals are so that they can help you achieve them!

    If you’re looking for a fun time while also improving your fitness and overall well-being this is the place to be!!

  • Scott Ervin

    I can’t say enough good things about Crossfit 2024, it’s as simple as that. My time here was unfortunately short, but it definitely will leave a lasting impression and I can’t wait to come back and visit and see how this amazing community grows. It is clear that the Lord has amazing plans for Jamie and Jared (the owners), and their amazing love for their family at Crossfit 2024 will continue building an incredible impact not only on the fitness community, but on the lives of everyone they come across. If you’re searching for a gym that welcomes you with wider spread open arms than you ever thought imaginable, Crossfit 2024 is the place.


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