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This exercise will improve your life greatly!

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What is it?

Regardless of what type of workout program you are involved in (or if you exercise at all), there is one specific movement that we all need to learn and work on regularly. This exercise will make you leaner, stronger, and more stable in the core. It is considered the “King” of all exercises. It is a true test of strength that builds more muscle and burns more fat than most every other exercise out there. But, that isn’t what is important about this exercise. What is important about this amazing movement is that EVERYONE does it on a daily basis. Anyone who lives a normal life and is blessed with the ability of moving around and using their body in some type of way, has used this movement at some point. This movement is known as the DEADLIFT.

While most people relate the deadlift to some giant powerlifter, screaming as his face turns red during his feat of lifting 500+ pounds off the ground, this isn’t quite what we are talking about. When we mention the deadlift, we are talking about the proper way to pick something up off of the ground. We are talking about one of the ultimate core and posterior chain (muscles in the back of the body) exercises.  The reason we practice the deadlift is to become better in our every day life. Take for example, an eighty-five year old grandmother who just got home from the grocery store.  She carries her grocery bags to the front door, sets them down, unlocks her door, then has to pick her bags back up to take them inside. What she just did was a deadlift. You see, as CrossFit creator Greg Gassman  explains “The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree not kind.” This means that the professional athlete and the elderly woman may differ in their need for intensity during a workout, but they don’t differ in their need to practice proper movement. The deadlift can improve any workout routine regardless of what it is. The “hip hinge” movement that is used during the deadlift allows the athlete to put to use some of the strongest muscles in their body in a very efficient way. Not only does this allow them strong leverage when moving an object, it also protects their lower back from getting injured and engages muscles that are typically overlooked when working out. Now that you know about just a few of the many benefits of the deadlift, let’s go over the mechanics behind the movement.

How to do it

While the deadlift takes a good amount of practice and focus, here are the main points to make sure you watch out for when picking up an object.

  1. Stand directly in front of object with feet hip width apart, getting as close to the object as possible
  2. Maintain a neutral spine while pushing the hips back until you are able to grasp the object
  3. Once you have a tight grasp on the object, keep your arms locked, brace your core, and stand up, keeping the object close to the body and maintaining a straight back (neutral spine) throughout the entire movement.

For a more detailed breakdown make sure to check out this video:

The takeaway

Everyone needs to learn how to deadlift properly. If you can take some time out of your day and practice the deadlift while slowly over time using a heavier weight or object to work with, we guarantee that your overall health and ability to do every day tasks will improve and you will feel mounds better. As always, make sure to share this article, go sign up for your free intro session here at CrossFit 2024, and come join our amazing community!