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What’s your excuse?

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“I don’t have time.” It’s the most common excuse used to avoid getting to the gym. I get it, life is busy. We all have things come up that can be reasons for not getting a workout in but if we are honest, we just haven’t planned accordingly. Some call it a sacrifice. I call it time management. As a matter of fact, lets break down how much time we really have.

Now before continuing, I must admit that I first heard this breakdown from the Gym Jones website so I cannot take credit for the information that follows. Lets get to it.

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and the same 7 days in a week. When you break this down you get 168 hours per week. Since people spend the majority of their time at work, lets start there. The average person works 8 hours per day but to make things interesting, lets pretend you work 12 hours per day, 5 days a week. That equates to 60 hours per week. This leaves us with 108 hours per week left. Of course we aren’t awake for these 108 hours so lets factor in 8 hours of sleep per night. This takes an additional 56 hours away from our free time leaving 52 hours left. Let’s not forget commuting to and from work! Let’s pretend those 5 days that you work, you also commute for 1 hour to and from work (2 hours per day). This adds up to 10 hours per week in our cars. 42 hours left. I’ll also give you 5 hours per week for grocery shopping or random errands. Down to 37 hours! Time with loved ones is extremely important so lets add an additional 25 hours a week to spend with loved ones (thats a lot). So…..after adding work, sleep, commuting, quality family time, and errands you are still left with a whopping 12 hours to workout. That means you could get to the gym 6 days a week for 2 hours per day. Now we can all agree that an hour a day is plenty so that would free up an extra 6 hours a week to oh, I don’t know…maybe…..meal prep?

Here’s the point guys…YOU HAVE TIME! I know it is hard to always make your fitness a priority but it is necessary and very very doable. Before you argue that you have some other activity that you have to attend, remember we gave you 12 hours each day of work and 8 hours of sleep. Most of us don’t hit both of those. Let’s stop making excuses and start making progress. Pull out your daily planner and MAKE time to get your workout in. Also, make sure to check out our schedule at We offer a large variety of class times to accommodate. Let’s get to it!