Austin’s Premier CrossFit Gym

CrossFit 2024 isn’t like other gyms. We value community over competition and encourage athletes to be the best version of themselves. With an emphasis on functionality and wellness, we aim to boost your overall quality of life. We incorporate multiple techniques used by some of the world’s biggest performance strategists to deliver maximum results. When it comes to training, safety is our No. 1 priority and fun is a guarantee.

Our team of fitness professionals come from every walk of life and their skill set isn’t limited to CrossFit. They offer unique experiences that range from bodybuilding and physical therapy to collegiate level coaching. Diversity and adaptability are key elements that take our training to the next level. At CrossFit 2024, you invest in yourself and your future. Sign up today, we won’t disappoint!

You are stronger than you think

Our Facility

CrossFit 2024 of Austin is a mere walking distance from the beautiful Boardwalk at Lady Bird Lake. The convenient location is just one of its many stunning attributes. Our 1,526-square-foot facility is filled with state of the art equipment and qualified coaches to ensure a superior training experience. We’ve created an environment where athletes at every fitness level can thrive. Each person is an active and vital part of our community. If you’re looking for a warm and welcoming CrossFit family, you’ve come to the right place!

  • I have one huge problem with 2024: they opened when I only had two months left in Austin before moving away......However, they were the best two months I spent in Austin! Jamie and Jared are a great pair of coaches that balance each other perfectly at the box. Jamie cares so much for each member and takes the time to truly know them. Jamie will be along for the ride on your first day at the box helping you determine goals and where you can tweak your movements to improve. She also has the ability to turn your day around with her contagious, bubbly personality and can help you put things into perspective after tough days. Jared has been in the fitness industry for a…

    Stephanie Lapierre